DIY Fashion with Fabric Adhesive

Looking for no-sew alternatives for your DIY fashion ideas because you've never picked up a needle and thread before or you just don't hafabric adhesiveve time to sew? The first step to no-sew fun is to find the right fabric adhesive. Finding the best fabric glue to attach every type of fabric or embellishment to other fabrics  — and most, importantly, can withstand the washer  — can make the difference between home fashion success or frustration. Your fabric adhesive needs to create a permanent, super strong bond to ensure your creations are moving with you and not against you.  

For a great example of permanent fabric glues in action, check out the fun and easy floral crown tutorial below. With just a few supplies like a headband, a small piece of fabric, some silk flowers, and a tube of Aleene's Fabric Fusion glue, you can make a beautiful flower crown in no time at all.

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