Make Your Own Wood Front Door Organizer with Hardwood Glue

Looking for an easy-to-build organizer shelf (that still looks chic) to store those often misplaced car keys and sunglasses? Look no further! With a quick trip to the hardware store and the right hardwood glue, you can get organized in no time. 

In the video below, get simple step-by-step instructions on how to use Aleene's Wood Fusion to build your own organizer to hang by your front door. Never lose your keys again!

Finding the Right Hardwood Glue

hardwood glue

The key to success on this project is having the right glue strength to finish the job. A strong hardwood adhesive is an absolute necessity. Aleene’s Wood Fusion is a fast drying glue that creates a strong, permanent bond, making it reliable for wood craft and hobby projects, as well as furniture repair. This super strong wood glue is also sandable, stainable and paintable - and can be used on both soft and hard woods - to meet the conditions of any wood project.

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