10 Wood Crafts You Can Make Without Tools

Creating a wood craft is one of the best ways to add a little rustic flair to your home decor. With Aleene’s Glues, you don’t even have to be handy with a hammer and nails to complete wood projects around the house. Here are 10 tool-free wood crafts to try out next time you’re in a building mood!

Decoupage Kitchen Accessories

With wood crafts this cute, you’ll never want to leave your kitchen. Use colorful tissue paper and Aleene's® Premium Decoupage to cook up these one-of-a-kind wooden serving utensils and cutting boards. Don’t forget to share the easy tool-free “recipe” with all your dinner guests!

Lovebug Photo Display Board

This sweet wood craft calls for Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue to help put family-favorite photos on display. No tools are necessary to design and decorate each little lovebug, which makes it a fun craft for the whole family!  

Seasonal Welcome Sign

If hospitality is your jam, but wood crafts seem overwhelming, try this tool-free way to roll out the welcome wagon all year long. As shown in the tutorial, the negative space in your stencil allows room to switch out fun shapes with each new season or holiday. Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue helps fasten burlap designs to felt backing for a strong and durable hold, while Aleene's Repositionable Double-Stick Tape Strips & Dots help make rotating shapes a breeze!

DIY Garden Markers

With these DIY garden markers, you’ll never lose track of your plant babies again. Using alphabet tiles and Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue for adhesive, you can spell out the names of all your favorite flowers, roots, fruits, and veggies. Opt for Aleene's Spray Sealer Gloss Finish to protect your project from the elements, then sit back, relax, and watch your garden grow. We L-O-V-E this Q-U-I-C-K and E-A-S-Y wood craft!

Easy Popsicle Stick Art

Popsicle sticks are famous for kids’ crafts because they’re so versatile and easy to work with. This canvas art project allows folks of all ages to enjoy that same popsicle stick simplicity while also incorporating sophisticated design elements such as rustic texture and modern coloring. Aleene's Tacky Glue and wood crafts like this one give a whole new meaning to “pop” art.

Wood Spindle Candle Holders

Looking for a simple way to enhance your home’s ambiance? Take these wooden candle holders for a spin-dle! No nails or screws required to assemble this wood craft. Aleene’s Wood Fusion is all you need to secure the recycled pieces in place, which means you’ll spend less time building and more time enjoying all the dramatic and romantic lighting your new candlesticks bring to the table. Or the nightstand. Or the mantel. You get the idea.

Driftwood Planter

The succulents on this wood craft may be artificial, but the beauty is real. This project is as easy as it gets - no actual building or gardening experience needed! Just some driftwood, faux foliage, and Aleene’s The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive will do the trick. Use the final product to spruce up any shelves, nooks, or crannies around the house, or create a couple additional pieces to use as centerpieces or buffet decor for your next fancy function!

Wood Angels

These DIY snow wood angels are simple to make and lovely to look at, whether you display them year round or during the holidays. Add angelic elements to each wood piece using both Aleene’s The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive and Aleene's True Snow in regular or glitter. Don't have a drill for the peg hole? Glue the head directly to the body piece. When you're all done, don’t forget to sing Hallelujah! to celebrate your divine new decor!

Wood Beads Mirror

Sorry, Snow White, this DIY mirror with dyed wooden beads is truly the fairest of them all. One of our favorite tool-less wood crafts on the list, this jaw-dropper looks like a million bucks but only costs a few. Customize the look by dyeing the wood beads any color you’d like, and secure beads to the mirror with Aleene's DIY Craft Super Glue. Hang it on the wall and check out how awesome you look admiring all your handiwork!

Wood Photo Coasters

Thanks to pre-cut wood coasters, no axes or saws are required for this photo-friendly wood project. And thanks to Aleene's Original Tacky Glue, no tools are needed to complete the craft! Try out the tutorial for Father’s Day, or use different pictures to celebrate any special person in your life, including yourself!

Which of these tool-free tutorials will you try today? Don’t forget to share all your wonderful wood crafts with us and make sure to tag @aleenesdiy when you do!