9 Ideas for Creating a Cozy Room

We think everyone deserves a peaceful place where they can relax from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Luckily, there are so many simple (and affordable!) ways to create cozy rooms that reflect your personal style. Here are nine easy DIYs using Aleene’s Glues to help make your space a little cozier:

Macramé Leaves

Satisfy your cozy room cravings by creating and displaying a few of these soft and textured macramé leaves on an accent wall or entryway. Select some cotton rope in your favorite colors, follow the easy DIY tutorial, and use Aleene’s Stiffen-Quik Fabric Stiffening Spray to seal the deal. Macra-YAY!

Lovebug Photo Display Board

Displaying your loved ones’ smiling faces on this adorable photo display will add a sweet sense of nostalgia to any space. This tool-free project calls for Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue, some clothespins, and a few embellishing extras. Not about that bug life? Switch it up with fairies and other fun critters and creations. Don’t forget, kids love cozy rooms, too! We suggest encouraging your little lovebugs to join in the crafting fun!

Quick and Easy Tassel Rug

Every cozy room needs a soft and shaggy rug for added barefoot bliss. This quick and easy tassel rug will have you walking on sunshine without breaking the bank. Give an old rug (or thrift store find) new life by adding some tassel and fringe trim using Aleene’s Stop Fraying Permanent Fabric Glue. Your toes will TOEtally thank you!

Paper Maché Candle Bowl

Kick those fluorescent bulbs to the curb, and opt for these dainty candle bowls instead. All you need to complete this DIY craft is several simple supplies, including lace doilies, balloons, and Aleene’s Premium Decoupage (Gloss or Matte). When you’re all done, light some candles and bask in the warm glow of knowing that cozy rooms are all about the lighting, dahhhhhling. Looking for similar ambience in your outdoor spaces? Maché your way outside and add a few of these bowls to your balcony, patio, or porch!

Easy Upholstered Bench DIY

This no-sew faux fur bench (say that five times fast) is the purr-fect place to sit, snuggle, and admire all your cozy room creations. Upcycle any old bench using a soft, inviting fabric, a heavy-duty stapler, and Aleene’s DIY Craft Fabric & Vinyl Adhesive. Just try your best not to kill the vibe by throwing your dirty laundry on it, mkay?

Pom Pom Wall Art Banner

Cozy rooms come to life with words of affirmation on display. This pom pom wall art banner offers a soft pop of color and a daily reminder to stay calm and cozy on! Another no-sew favorite, this craft calls for simple materials, Aleene’s Fabric Fusion glue, and any comfort-conjuring quote or lyric of your choice.

DIY "Dream" Pillow Set

Pillows are a super easy, affordable way to add a comforting touch to any sitting space. These custom decorative DIY pillows create cozy vibes with just the right amount of bling. Using the tutorial as a guide, draw your favorite designs on Gold Oly fun fabric, then cut and fasten with Aleene’s Fabric Fusion. Stuff, fluff, and you’re well on your way to the cozy room of your dreams!

Lacy Luminaries

All cozy rooms call for a little glow-factor. These DIY luminaries help turn up the ambience without the risk of any open-flame fiascos. Using Aleene's® The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive, decorate an assortment of glass jars with burlap, lace, and other embellishments. Pop in some LED lights, nestle the jars in a few nooks, and soak up the vibes!

Time for the Beach Clock

If you want your cozy room to invoke the serenity of the sea, we suggest giving this time-peace a chance. In lieu of traditional 1-12 numbers, apply multi-colored sea glass and shells onto the face of your clock with Aleene's® The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive. You’re on beach time now, baby.

After the glue dries, we want to see all those cozy rooms of yours! Make sure to share your favorite craft from this list and tag us on social @aleenesdiy!