Easy DIY Christmas Gifts You Can Even Do Last Minute

If you haven't figured out your gift list yet, we get you. Sometimes picking out the perfect gift is hard! And sometimes you're just too busy until the last minute. That's why we put together this roundup of easy DIY Christmas gifts for everyone on your list. (And you can make most of them last minute!) With a little help from Aleene's Glues, you'll have gifts made, wrapped and ready for Christmas without any extra stress. 

No-Sew Santa Tote

A handmade gift this cute is sure to get you on the Nice List. And you don't even have to know how to sew! With some felt, sequins and Aleene's Fabric Fusion, someone is about to be gifted their new favorite tote this Christmas. They might just want to use it all year long!

Christmas Glitter Tumbler and Tray

We all have someone in our lives who LOVES glitter. These easy DIY Christmas gifts are for THAT PERSON. Let your creativity sparkle & shine with lots of glitter and Aleene's Stick & Restick Adhesive. The tray will make a pretty sign they can put on display next holiday season, or use to serve up something sweet. (You should get first dibs since you made such a cool gift.) And also, who doesn't want some extra flair with their morning latte?

Lotto Ticket Wreath

Is there anyone who doesn't love getting some extra spending money? This easy DIY Christmas gift is truly the gift that keeps on giving ... maybe. Even if they don't win, they still get the thrill of maybe winning, and that's fun too! This idea is super simple to make with Aleene's Instant Adhesive Dots and is a great gift for coworkers, friends, and anyone you might not have a clue about what they actually like.

Custom Holiday Ornament

This easy DIY Christmas gift is also a fun craft for kids! If your little ones are looking for something special they can gift to friends or grandparents, grab some Aleene's Premium Decoupage and let them get creative. With a simple base and some tissue paper, friends & family will have a colorful keepsake they can put on display, even after your kids are grown.

Glittered Wine Bottles

Toast to good taste and an easy DIY Christmas gift pretty much anyone and everyone will love! Use Aleene's Original Tacky Glue to add a shimmering touch to bottles of wine for a gift that'll keep the parties going this holiday season. (Even if it's just a party of one.)

Snowy Wood Angels

This simple rustic gift makes a beautiful statement with a special touch from Aleene's True Snow. Easily turn a few pieces of firewood into angels with wintery wings for a gift that'll be make a cherished display for years to come.

Christmas Tea Towel

Decorative towels are a staple in (most) of our homes, so this festive tea towel is the perfect DIY Christmas gift for anyone in your life who loves decorating their kitchen too! Put away the needle and thread and grab a bottle of Aleene's Fabric Fusion for an easy DIY you can make with colorful trims and some Christmas spirit. (PS. Fabric Fusion is washable too - so this towel could actually be used!)

Tea Tree and Mug

Speaking of tea, you probably need a gift for the tea drinker in your life, right? This clever gift idea pairs bags of tea with a mug for a Christmas gift that'll warm the heart (and tummy too). With just a few supplies like Aleene's Instant Adhesive Dots, you can mix up their favorite teas with a pretty mug, and there's nothing left to "brew."

DIY Christmas Card

Cards are important too! We're of the opinion that a handmade card is even better, right? Who's with us?! Let your best holiday wishes shine with a handmade card and a little extra help from Aleene's Foiling Glue. It'll make for a sentiment that's way too pretty to toss after the holidays have passed.

We hope this list of easy DIY Christmas gifts helps you feel more inspired with your gift giving this year. What else are you crafting for the holidays with Aleene's Glues? Make sure to tag us on social @aleenesdiy and share with us!