Easy Paper Mache Recipes

Paper mache is an art form that combines paper with a sticky substance like glue that hardens once dry. Why would anyone want to try this messy art? People of all ages and skills love paper mache because it's such a versatile art form. You can mold it into any shape such as a mask or sculpture. It's lightweight. You can paint it and decorate it any way you like. Those are just a few reasons! Besides, sometimes it's just fun to get your hands messy, don't you think? If you're looking for paper mache recipes, you've come to the right place! Here are a few easy ideas to get you inspired:

The Old-Fashioned Paper Mache Recipe

We don't know about you, but when some of us were in school, the way we learned to make paper mache glue was with flour and water. Yep! Good ol' flour and water - no paper glue needed. Some recipes call for equal parts flour and water, or 1 part flour to 2 parts water. It's all according to preference. Whisk your flour and water mixture until there aren't any clumps, then it's time to coat your paper strips and create your project.

Tacky Glue Paper Mache Recipe

We might be biased, but we think glue is better for paper mache! Especially a glue made to work with paper. Why do we think this? Glue is a better adhesive than flour, it dries clear, and makes a better base for painting. (And hey, then you can save your flour for making something yummy like cookies!) Aleene's Original Tacky Glue is a great option for paper mache because it's nontoxic and safe to work with. Plus it has good holding power. For your Tacky Glue paper mache recipe, simply mix 1 part water with 1 part glue. Whisk until it's evenly mixed, then dip your strips of paper into the mix and start layering on your project. 

Decoupage Paper Mache Recipe

If you want to skip all of the mixing and get straight to your paper mache project, try Aleene's Premium Decoupage instead. It works the same way! Decoupage is a good glue for paper, and it works as a sealer too. If you decide to use decoupage for paper mache, just make sure to brush some onto the object you are molding your paper to. Then brush more onto your paper once you have it pressed onto the mold. So easy, right? Feel free to add extra paper layers, because decoupage can be layered too! 

What's the best kind of paper to use for paper mache art? Soft paper is the best paper to use for paper mache because it's much easier to mold, and it absorbs the glue better for a stiffer hold once dry. Good paper options to try for paper mache are newspaper, tissue paper, paper towels, paper doilies, and even thin wrapping paper.

Whatever paper mache recipe you decide to try, remember to make sure you use a glue that dries clear (most do, but it's good to double check). This makes a better base for painting your paper mache project! We're now feeling inspired to start a new project, how about you? Make sure to share your Aleene's glue creations with us on social by tagging us @aleenesdiy!