5 Custom Shoe Repairs and Crafts

Some of us are shoe-crazy, and that’s totally okay! Whether you want to fix your favorite pair or customize some new kicks, Aleene’s is here for all your custom shoe repairs and crafts. Treat your feet to some new (to you) custom shoes and read on to get inspired for your next DIY custom shoe craft!

1. How to Fix a Broken Shoe Sole

Fix a broken shoe sole with The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive

Don’t you hate when you’re dressed to perfection for a big meeting or a night out with friends, you take a step towards the door to leave and “UGH!” You stumble because the shoe sole starts to peel off? Don’t stress, this custom shoe repair with The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive will fix your shoes in an instant!

2. Fabric Embellished Custom Shoes

Watermelon fabric embellished shoes

There are endless ways to make custom shoes with your personal style without breaking the bank! This set of fabric embellished shoes was so easy to make using bright watermelon printed fabric and Aleene's Spray Pump Fabric Fusion that we made a pair for little feet too! Get inspired to create your own set of Mommy & Me custom shoes ... or a set for you and your BFF ... or just several pairs for yourself! 

3. DIY Fuzzy Slippers

DIY fuzzy slippers

Who doesn't love a comfy pair of fuzzy slippers? Add extra color to your next custom shoe project with rainbow feather boas and Aleene's Fabric Fusion! This custom shoe craft is super simple to make and will keep you cozy no matter the season.

4. DIY Crystal Heart Custom Shoes

DIY crystal heart shoes

Make your toes twinkle with sparkly crystals on your favorite set of kicks! Whether you're a fan of sneakers, flats or heels, all you need is a set of closed-toe shoes, loose crystals and The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive to create a permanent crystal heart design. These custom shoes are an easy way to add a cute pop of color to any outfit!

4. DIY Rhinestone Swoosh Custom Shoes

DIY rhinestone swoosh shoes and accessories

This custom shoe craft will make your swooshes sparkle and shine! No matter what kind of DIY you’re decking out in rhinestones, keep it sparkling to perfection with Liquid Fusion Performance Adhesive. This versatile, UV-resistant glue offers maximum staying power that’s still gentle enough to work with delicate rhinestones, and it’s crystal clear too!

What other custom shoe crafts will you create with Aleene's Glues? Show us your projects and tag us on social media @aleenesdiy!