Last-Minute Costume Ideas Anyone Can Make

It's happened to all of us: waiting until the last minute to do something. Sometimes it causes stress; sometimes it pays off. Today it pays off if you're looking for a Halloween costume you can whip up in no time! These last-minute costume ideas are easy to DIY using Aleene's Glues - with no sewing needed. So get out the glue and get inspired to make your Halloween look extra BOO-tiful this year!

Easy No-Sew Baby Dinosaur Costume

Last-minute costume ideas dinosaur

The coolness of dinosaurs will never become extinct, no matter how old you are. We made this no-sew dinosaur costume for kids, but we're honestly a little tempted to make one for grownups too. Or maybe take it a step further and make hoodies for the whole fam for a roaring good time! It's easy enough with felt squares, a comfy hoodie and Aleene's® Super Fabric Adhesive.

Matching Pet & Owner Scarecrow Costumes

Dressing up for Halloween is even more fun when you include your furry family members! Patch up overalls with colorful fabrics and Aleene's Fabric Fusion for costumes that'll be ready as soon as the glue dries. Just don't be surprised if the crows think you're sweet instead of scary, and flock right to you!

Quick & Easy Cat Ears

Save those nine lives for another day with a simple costume that's the cat's meow. Use Fabric Fusion to glue fabric flowers onto a cat ears headband for a last-minute look you'll love. Want something spookier? Try gluing on spiders and webbing instead!

Pirate Costume

No bones about it, your first mates will treasure this easy last-minute costume idea! With felt, faux fur and Tacky Glue, this no-sew pirate costume will spare you from having to walk the plank for waiting until the last minute to create it.

Cactus Couples Costume

You'll get stuck on wearing this sharp costume for couples! Turn simple sweatshirts into catchy cactus costumes with chenille stems, faux flowers and Aleene's Fabric Fusion. Then get ready to win cutest couples costume at this year's party - even if it's only a party for two! 

Toy Story® Barbie-Inspired Costume

This doll of a last-minute costume idea only takes a few supplies to get you dressed to impress this Halloween. No tricks to whip up this look in just a few steps with Fabric Fusion! It'll be a that a treat to wear (and maybe work out in after Halloween is over). 

No-Sew Superhero Cape

Last-minute costume idea superhero

If you're looking for a fun costume for kids, this cape idea is here to save the day! Use Aleene’s Fabric Fusion to customize with your kiddo's monogram and favorite colors.

Easy No-Sew Bat Costume

Last-minute costume idea bat

Spread your creative wings this Halloween with a last-minute costume idea that's super cute, affordable and so easy to make. This bat wing costume comes together in no time with just a few swatches of lace, a black sweater and Aleene's® Fabric Fusion. It's perfect for the office party, the after party or wearing while handing out candy to trick-or-treaters.

Feeling better about waiting til the last minute to get your costume together? We hope so! Make sure to share your creations with us by tagging us on social @aleenesdiy. Happy Halloween!