Save Your Budget with these Vintage Upcycle Projects

Here at Aleene's, we're all about finding ways to stay creative while staying on budget. You don't have to spend a fortune to have cool stuff! Here are some vintage upcycle projects you can make to save on spend and spruce up your space. Grab your Aleene's glues, hit a yard sale or clean out your garage, and get started!

Easy Fur Bench Upgrade

If you like working with wood and metal projects, this one's for you! Finding an old bench somewhere is pretty easy. You might even have one in your backyard! By adding a furry top, or a different fabric you like, you can easily bring a tired old bench back to life. (And make it more comfortable to sit on too.) Use Aleene's Craft Fabric & Vinyl Adhesive to easily upgrade a bench with some flair; guaranteed to be your new favorite place to sit! 

Book Crate from Old Books

At first glance, it looks like you have a great set of vintage books on your shelf!

Flip them around and look how clever! A book crate to store other items! This is a great idea for small living spaces, or anyone who just has a lot of stuff. Grab those old books out of the donation pile, and a bottle of Original Tacky Glue, and make yourself a cool new storage crate that fits on your shelf!

Turn Broken Dishes into Art

We've all broken our favorite mug or dish at some point in our lives. It's so sad! But before you shed any tears, consider turning your broken dishes into art. Seriously! With Aleene's Glass & Bead Adhesive and some pretty gold powder, your broken items can live on as fabulous pieces of art.

Candle Bowl from Doilies

If you have a collection of your grandma's vintage doilies stashed in storage, you are not alone! This fun upcycle project turns them into pretty candle bowls with a little help from Aleene's Fabric Stiffener. If you have paper doilies, you can use Decoupage instead! Add some candles and you'll have yourself a new way to create a cozy glow in your spaces.

Make Your Own Ring Dishes

There's no shortage of old dishes to be found at yard sales or thrift shops. Give them a new purpose in life with oven-bake clay and The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive. Mold & paint your favorite shapes and glue to the dishes to create ring holders or other interesting storage. Get creative and have fun with it!

Touch Up Vintage Aprons

As long as there are kitchens and cooking, aprons will never go out of style! Cover old stains or add fresh new flair to your old aprons with lace and Aleene's OK To Wash-It. It's an easy, no-sew way to keep your aprons cookin' for years to come!

Repair a Broken Mirror Frame

If you've ever purchased a mirror at full price, then you know they are expensive! So of course when a mirror frame breaks, you want to try fixing it before you have to toss it. Save your money! Grab The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive and some paint, and you'll have that frame in top shape again and ready to show you who the fairest of them all is. (You!)

Recycled Wood Candle Holders

We doubt we were the only folks working on remodeling projects in the past year; this candle holder upcycle project is perfect for anyone who has extra wood items left over! The best part is, you don't need to get your tools back out, you just need a bottle of Aleene's Wood Fusion. Stack your wood spindles or pieces together in interesting ways and glue them together. That's it! Such an easy way to create a unique, rustic set of candle holders for your mantle or as table decor.

Vintage Toy Turned Planter

Vintage toys are usually super cool and have such an interesting vibe. Maybe you have some of your own old toys in storage because they're too sentimental to part with. Why not turn one into a creative holder for faux plants? It's a great way to put your cherished toy on display, and make it functional too! Glue the plants in place with Original Tacky Glue and set it on a shelf to relive those fun old memories every time you see it. 

We hope this list of vintage upcycle projects has you inspired to get creative with items you already have or can find in budget-friendly places. What are you upcycling with Aleene's Glues? Tag us on social @aleenesdiy and share with us!